Tascovery is proudly the very first Vietnamese tour operator in Tasmania. With our deep understanding of historic and natural values of the state, we have guided hundreds of groups of customers from all over the world. Tascovery has a number of vehicles that will best suit your group size and two dedicated drivers: Sam and Kate, who are also great photographers (have a look at our website and verify it yourself ;)). Introducing you to Tasmanian beauties is our passion. Our tour options include half-day, full-day and multiple-day journeys, with camping, hiking and BBQ options exclusively designed to meet your particular needs. Recognized by Tourism Industry Council Tasmania as a Quality Tourism Accredited Business, we are confident in delivering professional yet friendly services. Let us bring you unforgettable moments while in Tasmania. 

We came to Tasmania in a group of women and children and Tascovery is exactly what we were looking for, a private tour accompanied by Sam, a passionate and knowledgeable tour guide, who is also the founder and director of Tascovery. We were impressed by the considerateness Sam provided to each and every member of the group, from the elder to the youngest, from water to neck pillow to stuffed cute things. We also got a lot of excellent photos and videos taken by Sam.

We already miss Tasmania, miss Tascovery, and miss the cute Hedwig!!! We definitely recommend Tascovery, and ourselves hope we can enjoy their great service again.

PS- Điểm cộng của Tascovery cho các nhóm du khách người Việt là có thể thoải mái giao tiếp với các bạn hướng dẫn viên bằng tiếng Việt chuẩn, mình dám chắc có thể đếm trên đầu ngón tay số công ty như vậy ở Úc, đặc biệt là ở Tasmania.

Van Nguyen, traveler from Vietnam


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